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A small step for Banma
A big step for mobility

BanmaNetwork Technology Co.,Ltd is committed to innovating mobility
experience with data and technology.

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A new kind of car

Internet Car

On July 6, 2016, 130 years after car was invented, Banma embeded the intelligent operation system of Alibaba AliOS into the car. Since then the car has got a second engine - data, connecting car with cloud and empowering car with calculation ability. This are Internet Car which always connect cars, users with services, creating a new era for smart mobility.

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Showroom of Internet Car

Banma provides the auto industry with integrated solutions to Internet Car.

So far, there are more than 600,000 connected smart cars driving in China.

*The above auto brands are our partners. More models are joining in.

Banma Based on AliOS

Integrated Solutions to Internet Car

Internet car is the smart car running on the Internet. It has realized not only the physical connection but
also data flow and calculation, providing smart mobility experience that connects car with cloud: the
operating system AliOS born for cars makes ‘service seeking for people’ experience a reality, directly
targeting payment with scenes uninterrupted.

Banma 2.0

You Explore the World We Explore You

From July 6, 2016 to December 28, 2017, we spent 540 days finishing the evolution of Banma 1.0 to 2.0,and started to upgrade
for over 400,000 owners of IoT Connected Smart Cars.This can be regarded as a small miracle in the automobile history. What we
have done is to facilitate each car owner to better explore the world.

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Evolve Toward AI

In-Vehicle infotainment has already become a window for car owners to connect with the Internet of intelligences during the journey. With the user-friendly voice control interaction, thoughtful services and so on, the car is part of the owner's digital life and a versatile partner for a smart mobility.

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More Social

You can interact with friends such as real-time chatting, team travel, and other entertainment while driving. Say no to a lonely journey and welcome a group of carnival.

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More Open

With Banma, the car is no longer an information silo but an open platform connecting to various smart devices and hardware (smart camera/unmanned aerial vehicle/air purifier, etc.). With it, drivers will have a convenient, smooth and primary operation experience and travel with the Internet car will be more personalized and interesting.

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Banma Road Trip Takes
You to A Brand-New Jouney

Banma road trip is the first platform of self-driving product. By providing services of travel planning, hotel reservation, guidance on the way, and travel plan sharing, it handles trivial matters of self-driving, allowing you to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable trip.

First batch of 14 smartly planned travel routes were launched where you can find everything from navigation, hotels, restaurants, voice navigation to travel plan sharing. Take relaxed and convenient leave without delay. Enjoy a different trip each weekend.

Smart Mobility with
Ready Services

The car understanding and predicting your needs can intelligently choose proper off-line partners, provide comprehensive mobility services anytime and anywhere, and quickly troubleshoot common problems incurred from daily driving. More scenes will be covered to make driving more efficient, smooth, and enjoyable.

Accessible services depend on the services shown on the in-vehicle infotainment.

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“Hello, Banma”

Intelligent directional voices can accurately differentiate the voice
from the driver’s seat and that from the front passenger’s seat

Both the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat can send voice instructions
to the in-vehicle infotainment.Feedbacks will be different for instructions sent
from different driving seats.

Scene voice ensures hat the mission will come at your command

Scene voice makes voice control more humanized. While driving,if you say
"it’s raining", "I want to smoke", or "I want to see the stars",the car will automatically open/close
the car window or the sunroof, adjust internal/external
air circulation and do other operations according to orders.

“Hello,Banma,it’s raining.”

A considerate assistant knows you better than you do

The car can predict your needs, realizing "service seeking for you". For example, when you
drive across the city,it will push "scenario-based insurance"; At meal time, it will ask if it is
necessary to book a seat in the restaurant near the
destination.These personalized services know you better than you do.




"Have found a Starbucks nearby. Would you like a cup of coffee?

Accurate positioning wherever you go

Customized high-precision navigation system A map helps you to find the way,
be it a parking lot, a toll station, an overhead or an auxiliary road.
Accurate navigation secures a convenient driving.

Personal map - your mobility album

Let the map better understand you during every travel. Just by clicking on the
map, you can view driving records, parts performance, and
every road and journey passed through.

Recommend frequently visited places - one
click navigates to the destination

More travels make a car more intelligent and considerate. After you start the
vehicle, the large screen in the car will display the frequently visited locations,
like home and company. With that you can select the
destination immediately.

Banma Internet Authentication
allows you to expect more from the travel

Banma Internet Authentication is an open platform for smart hardware of Internet car, providing a standardized scheme for connection with these cars. For smart hardware partners, it provides the data, hardware, interaction, and operation interface; for car owners, it creates an original experience inside the car. For instance, you can operate smart hardware with voice in the car.

Videos in USB drive make your travel more interesting

You can watch video and enjoy audio-visual pleasurewith your friends and
family during the journey just by plugging in the USB drive.

CarChat Circle, an online mobile
chat room with 100 people

Invite no more than 100 friends to form a group where you can constantly chat and check each other's car's position. In a groupdriving, the team records can also be shared.

Please stay tuned for more experience

In online game center,
there must be one for you

Just by saying "I want to play Chinese string up puzzle", the driver can interact with the in-vehicle infotainment, and check the interactive performance on the display. Enjoy happiness all the way.

Please stay tuned for more experience

"Hello,Banma,I want to play
Chinese string up puzzle"